Welcome to SARCH

SARCH was established in 1979 with the aims of the Club being “To promote, organise, and encourage the design, construction and safe operation of radio controlled model helicopters”.

MAAA proficiency wings

Our Approach

We understand that learning to fly a model helicopter is not easy. SARCH is an inclusive club, and we encourage beginners and experts alike to come and enjoy sharing the knowledge of others who have “been there and done that”. Our friendly instructors and members will make you feel welcome.


Our Field

The field has three helipads to enable beginners and experts to fly at the same time. Instructors are available regularly to assist with the basic training or more advanced flight if desired. If you are interested in Radio Controlled Model helicopters, you are welcome to come to the field and have a look and a chat.

a turbine powered RC helicopter

Our Gear

We have a diverse membership, with varied interests. Whether you are into stick-banging smack 3d, sport flying, or prefer to build and fly scale models, we have members that share your interest and will be happy to help with any questions you may have, help with setup or tuning your nitro model.

Our Exec Team

The Committee members making it all happen!

The President

Shane Butler


The Vice President

Simon Phillips

Vice President

The Treasurer

Craig Milner


The Secretary

Rob Clarke


Our Location

See the map below for our location.

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SARCH Membership

Why join SARCH?

Whether you are an experienced flier, or just starting out, joining SARCH has a number of benefits. Being a helicopter only club, our field is laid out specifically to support the operation of model helicopters. We have three cement pads for take-off/landing, with the field laid out in a configuration that supports beginner, sport and 3D flying styles. Being helicopter only facilitates flying activity, as we can focus entirely on helicopter requirements without the need to work in with the sometimes differing requirements of fixed wing modelling.

The members at SARCH own a wide variety of models from many different manufacturers. If you are starting out, you will find someone who either has the model you have, (or are thinking of buying), or have had in the past. SARCH members are happy to help with advice and assistance to get you flying in an enjoyable and safe way. On the subject of safety, strict safety rules are enforced during flying operations. This sets the foundation and ensures your RC helicopter 'journey' is safe as well as fun!

To Join SARCH, you will need to download the membership form, fill it in, and give it to the SARCH Treasurer down at the field.

The membership Fees for the FY21 Financial Year, are as follows:

Full Yr Senior

per yr
  • MAAA/MASA Fees $100
  • SARCH Fees $50

Full Yr Junior

per yr
  • MAAA/MASA Fees $50
  • SARCH Fees $25

Full Yr Pensioner

per yr
  • MAAA/MASA Fees $100
  • SARCH Fees $25

Life Membership*

per yr
  • MAAA/MASA Fees $100
  • SARCH Fees $0

Half Yr Senior

per yr
  • MAAA/MASA Fees $50
  • SARCH Fees $25

Half Yr Junior

per yr
  • MAAA/MASA Fees $25
  • SARCH Fees $12.50

Half Yr Pensioner

per yr
  • MAAA/MASA Fees $50
  • SARCH Fees $12.50

* Life membership is awarded by the Committee.

No. MASA have discontinued the paper-based newsletter. Your membership includes the electronic newsletter.

Yes. Half-yearly membership is available for half the cost of full membership. Half-yearly membership is only available in the following situations. In ALL other cases, the full-year rate applies:

  • New members (i.e. never previously affiliated) joining between 1st January and 30th June.
  • Members rejoining after at least ONE continuous year of non-affiliation with ANY MAAA affiliated body and joining date is between 1st January and 30th June.

Membership fees for new members, will be accepted by the Treasurer at the flying field using cash, cheque, or by prior arrangement for EFT. The EFT details are contained on the "members only" page, available once you join SARCH. Please send details of your payment, change of address/contact details, and membership application form to:

SARCH Treasurer
Craig Milner
8 Henning Court
Novar Gardens 5040

Latest News

Latest happenings from the field

RC Helicopter

Awards Presented!

Aug , 2017

Great weekend at SARCH.
Finally some awesome weather turned up since we have had to endure rain & howling winds the last few weekends. Sunshine and low winds made for some great flying conditions.
Good turn out on Sunday so we took the opportunity to present the club awards as voted by the members at the anual meeting. Congratulations to Bob Walker ( Intermediate) & Clayton Edson (Novice). No Expert this year. Awards are based on who the members think has most improved in each cadegory during the year, so not by "Best pilot".
Just a reminder that fees we due June 30 so unfortunately no fees no fly!
Keep up the great flying & see you at the field.
Safe & happy flying.

Close-up image of RC Helicopter

Great weekend at SARCH

June , 2017

Great weekend at SARCH.
Sunday started out foggy as with a mist across the city but headed to the field anyway, as you do. Not as cold as it has been but it is winter after all. Not much rain so far, actually drier than it has been for some 60 years they say so no good for any one really. Long as we can fly the weekend all is good.
Good attendance today & saw some great flying too. Good news as the TSA700E was up in the air & flying well. I used to own this heli but sold some time ago. I did a buy back & also put a Brain2BT on it. Like it so far since I am a long time VBar user. Made a few mistakes in setup but thanks to Zac had it sorted in no time, unlike poor Simon with the old throttle needs to see zero or it wont arm. Got it sorted & then let it rip.
Dylan recieved his silver wings today although he passed his test a while ago.
Safe & happy flying

SARCH members at the field

Another superb weekend

June , 2017

Great weekend at SARCH
Very cool in the mornings now. Like 3degC & low winds. When the sun came out every one moved out a little to enjoy it & warm up a bit.
Each year we vote on Novice-Intermediate-Expert of the year. Based on who we think has improved during the year. So congratulations goes to Clayton for novice & Bob for intermediate of the year. No expert was awarded. Great to see improvement but we encourage every one to push themselves a little.
Public holiday Monday so hope to see you all there.
Safe & happy flying.

Rolly's card

Cold Mornings, great flying!

Jun , 2017

Great weekend at SARCH
Brrrrrr the morings are very cold now, down to 3degC so warm clothes are a must. The sunshine came out & warmed up for a very pleasent morning with low winds.
Lots of flying before holding our AGM at a nearby pub which is followed by lunch. Yum.
Committee will remain the same & so will the annual fees.
As most of you know Rolly has decided to retire from flying (19 years in the club & many on the committee) & will be missed for sure but has been invited to come along any time he likes. We all signed a card and presented a bottle of wine to him. Thanks for the memories Rolly.
Simons heli decided to spit the big end which put a great big hole in the back of the crankcase. DOH! Done a lot of work that motor.
I am buying back my old TSA700E so you will see me fly electric occasionally. Wont be giving up nitro any time soon though. 2 nitro & 2 electric is a good mix I think. I no longer need 6-10 helis like I once had :)
Safe & happy flying

Turbine RC helicopter

Great Sunday at SARCH

May , 2017

Weather turned out to be a beautiful day. Warm & sunny with low winds. Very hard to get better.
Started off quite quiet with only a few out. Perhaps just as well as poor William had some sort of electrical failure with the Synergy & hit the ground with a loud bang. I missed it unfortunately but the damage was not too bad. Hope you get it sorted Will so I can see this lovely heli again.
More pilots came along so made a good morning flying. Craig was back from holidays & bought out the turbine.
Safe & happy flying

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